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Whether you need a Maid in London, Nice, Latvia or a Chauffeur in Berlin or a Nanny in Moscow, we can find qualified domestic staff just for you.

Our database includes more than one thousand of Service Staff professionals, available in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Europe, Great Britain. No matter where you need Service staff, we can present you with a selection of qualified candidates.

Hiring domestic staff is an important decision and we treat it as such by selecting only the most qualified candidates, with years of experience, and conducting thorough background checks. SIDC GROUP is a multidisciplinary company that not only collaborates with leading companies, but provides services to individuals, as well. The SIDC GROUP has over 20 years of experience in the domestic industry, and every domestic placement agent working for us has once served as an employee in the domestic industry.

Our VIP lever customer service is our most distinctive feature.

The main specialization of our agency is the recruitment of Service staff in the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The agency’s clients are wealthy and famous people, who own private airplanes, cruise ships, among which are international ocean cruise lines, river cruise ships, as well as luxury yachts, hotels, restaurants, spas and shops and who need staff worldwide.

We carry out the candidate selection for:
· Household Staff;
· Personal Staff;
· Travel Staff.

Our operating principles
1. An individual approach to clients.
2. Confidentiality and a high sense of responsibility.
3. Immediate execution of applications.
4. Multi-stage selection process.
5. Range of services for the selection, testing and training of candidates.

Our company’s resources
- Psychologists and specialists who have professional work experience in the recruitment and selection of staff.
- Our own School for Domestic Staff.
- Knowledge of the job market in the Baltic States.
- Our company has representatives in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, and also an office in London.
- High quality technical equipment, attractive to expert level consultants, teachers and trainers.
- Trusting relationships with specialized training schools and centers that specialize in domestic and service staff.

The SIDC Group collective contains in itself several legally and financially sovereign divisions that employ specialists with the highest qualifications.
At the same time all the divisions of the SIDC Group form an affiliate network that operates on identical principles in the general information space.
This allows us to cover various areas related to the field of recruitment consultancy, creating powerful specialized tools for professional selection processes and staff management. Thus, by becoming a client you will receive a comprehensive, reliable, timely and, most importantly, professional problem solutions for all difficulty levels.

Since 2012 our SIDC company has been certified in line with the ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Successful certification of the quality of the management system is an important achievement not only for our company, but also significantly beneficial for our partners, who can only gain from the positive development of a reliable supplier of recruitment services.

Obtaining this certificate was the logical result of our business history that began in 2000 and has subsequently spread across all three Baltic States.
We will be very happy to see you among our clients and hope that our services will satisfy your every need and will solve the challenges you might encounter in the recruitment process related to personnel.

We are different. We have built our reputation on the quality of our relationships with employers and candidates. We believe this is what gives us a genuine edge over other recruitment agencies.

Send a brief overview of your requirements and we will find a solution for you.